Thursday, October 21, 2010

baby woos

Sigh. I have an almost-10 month old on my hands and he is quite a handful, especially during feeding time.

Anything I put in his mouth, he spits out. Sometimes, I'm quick enough to catch it in the spoon so I put it back in his mouth again and he eats that but more often than not, it goes to waste because it falls on his bib. I suspect that he discovered how fun it is to push food through his teeth & gums out of his mouth ( come on,.. admit it, it does sound like fun, no ? ), much like playing with mud, I think. But I do worry sometimes because what if this isn't just a phase ? and I don't want to have a picky eater on my hands. Sigh.

My parents tell me that he's got my genes. I get the feeling that they're having quite a laugh about it because I was a very difficult child. I must have eaten several hundred jars of Gerber's "egg yolk and noodles" because that was the only thing I'd eat. Dad tells me stories of how the combed through supermarkets and all the stores they could find in Metro Manila - and sometimes, even went all the way to the nearby provinces - just so they could get it and hoard for fear of running out and me starving.

This must be Karma knocking on my door :P

Oh wait. I was also told that I never got past 4oz when drinking milk (note that I didn't give up drinking infant's formula until i was 7 years old and yet, i never drank more than 4oz) and until recently, Swe-cha didn't get past that too. But thanks to his Ninang A & Tita R's encouragement and support in training him (as chronicled in our baby blog), we're past that and we're drinking 5, 6 and even 7 oz now. HA! Get that, Karma!

I'm always grateful for the little blessings :)


p.s. to Karma - joke lang ah, I don't mean to challenge you. *smile*

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