Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We have got to start being more sociable to our neighbors, especially those who live in our hallway. You see, there's this family - a couple, an in-law (Mother-in-law) and a toddler - who live next door and we see them all the time. We exchange a few words and even a few stories but up to now, I do not know their names. I see the names on their mailbox but they're distinctly Spanish (and none that I've encountered before) so I have no idea how to pronounce it or even if they have shorter nicknames.

Hubby and I have taken to calling them "Ayie" after our friend (they look alike). So we might say, "I saw Ayie today.." or "Ayie's husband was out w/ D today" (we know the son's name) and though we both know that we're referring to the neighbor and not our friend most of the time, there are also times when this causes confusion. I might say, "I saw Ayie and the baby today" and hubby would be surprised, "ha ? They're here ?", thinking that our friends drove all the way from MA to NJ on a weekday. I'd be equally confused because they live here, where else would they be ? And it usually takes several minutes before things get sorted out.

Gulo, no ?

Unfortunately, we've been talking to each other in the hallway for a year or two now. It just seems awkward that we'd only ask for their names NOW. But then again, I'm sure they don't know our names either. How to proceed ? Hmm.

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