Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm an "Ate"

Yesterday, the guys from the balikbayan box company came to pick up our bbox and when they arrived, this one guy started calling me "Ate".

"Ate, eto po yung bagong box, ilagay ko po dito ?"
"Ate, pwede pong pagamit ng CR ?"
"Ate, pa pirma po dito"
"Ate, ano pong phone number ?"

Each time he called me "Ate", it seemed to grate on my ears... On my end, I was about to call him "Manong", my usual title for older Pinoy males, but it was then that I realized that he didn't look old enough to be my "Manong".


When did I suddenly become old ? Or more importantly, when did I start thinking that I was old? since when did I calmly and silently accept being called an "Ate" by strangers?

I just hope that I am able to get back to work soon - before I reach retirement age ;)

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