Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good deals

... come to those who wait.

I've been waiting for a good deal on cordless phones for a while. Our current phone setup is a bit messy in the sense that we have a lot of gadgets just for our phone service alone. First off, there's the cable modem (yes, we do use this for internet access as well so this and the next item shouldn't be included in this list), then the network router and then the VOIP adapter.

Physically connected to the VOIP adapter are 3 phone units - First is a cordless phone that has 2nd handset that we have plugged in downstairs, next is a corded phone (I find this very useful because we tend to use the phones a lot and we run out of juice), and last is another cordless phone w/ a built in answering machine.

Now, the thing is, that dual handset cordless phone set ? Both charging cradles work but we are only left w/ 1 handset now, the other one's broken. And that one w/ the integrated answering machine ? The machine works but the handset is just about to retire. Even when fully, charged, the battery doesn't last long anymore and the LCD has died a long time ago.

Then recently, there have been lots of cordless phone deals at Staples, but I have not been able to get one. I kept hemming and hawing and eventually, they run out of the unit that I want. Not to mention that hubby wants me to get one set for his mom too. And then there's this coupon that I've been saving - a $25 off $75 purchase - so it means that I had to get something that was $75 or more after instant savings but before easy rebates. Hay. It's not easy, I tell ya :P

So now, after 3 weeks, I did get my phone and I did get a 2nd set. Both are 4-handset Unidens with integrated answering machines. We don't need all 4 handsets but I figure that with the way that these things go in our households ? Having 4 of them means that we have a few backups on hand when they start breaking down. So long as the main unit remains functional, this should last us a long time.

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