Friday, October 29, 2010


We attended a friend's housewarming party at the beginning of this month, it was an exciting time not only for them, but for the entire group as well. We're all happy for the couple and wish them well in their new home.

Looking at their new home makes me hanker for one of my own as well. We love it here in our cozy condo but we really do need (want!) some extra space. Swe-cha's toys and gear are really taking up a lot of space and add that to the fact that I like to stockpile diapers and supplies when there is a sale, there are times when all that just leaves us with a very narrow path to walk in around the house.

One time, the building superintendent knocked and asked to look at our window because a downstairs unit reported a leak and he wanted to check it out, I was so embarassed to let him in because I had 8 boxes of diapers stacked near the window area - I had to let him in anyway.

But, I digress... so let's go back to talking about houses. I figure, it doesn't cost anything to dream, right ? We - my husband and I, and my Mom too - dream about having a bigger place some day, a place with a backyard (this is mostly me, hubby does not look forward to the idea of mowing the lawn), or maybe even a place with a pool (this is mostly hubby, even though we both do not know how to swim). Mostly, I dream about a place with nice looking furniture and not the hodge-podge that we currently have (seems like such a waste to get rid of stuff right now, I figure we'll just throw these away and buy new things when we move.. eventually).


But first, I gotta have a job first.

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