Friday, October 29, 2010

Almost there

That new baby I talked about a few posts ago ? The online shop that I'm starting w/ a partner ? Well, we're almost there. I've only got to order a few more items before the box is filled up completely and ready to be sent out.

In the meantime, my partner is doing her part back home, she tells me that she's going to have someone check out auspicious dates for our official grand opening. Keep us in your prayers, okay ? Please pray for our success. I told my mom about this venture and she's excited for us as well.

I was browsing around this morning, looking for ideas to spice up our online shop and came across good deals for personal business cards and to be honest, I'm tempted to order some but it might still be too early. After all, this is only a startup and it's an online shop. We'll probably order some when business officially opens so that we can start handing them out to friends and when we attend shows. It'll be good advertising and since it's small, you can easily tuck them into your wallet or purse and bring them out when you need to buy something.

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