Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New baby in the house

I just worked out an agreement w/ my friend to partner with each other and start an online store in the Philippines. We plan to stock up on a few essentials first and expand our product line based on how well the initial stock sells and on customer feedback & requests.

So, friends, watch out for the official announcement, okay ?

In the meantime, while we plan to set up shop in Multiply initially (for a quick setup), I've also been working on an official website as a personal project. Aliw lang that I get to brush up on my web programming skills and am finding out about other applications & gaining skill using them as well (web servers, MySql, text editors, photoshop, etc). It's nice to have something technical to do again. It has been oh-so-long since I last had something like this to do as I've mostly been doing administrative tasks in the recent years.


Aris said...

Cool! Good luck!

popcorn said...

@Aris - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey you know me na right? si Wonder Meimi ito. baka you want to sell my items i sell hehehe... hmmm dyan sa US :p

if you don't know where to contact me, sa YM... ask mo sam YM id ko :p