Monday, February 1, 2010


I just saw a friend's milk stash, she posted a picture on FB and I am so envious!

She had so much breastmilk stockpiled for her 9 month-old that she & her husband had to buy a separate freezer to store the milk. As it is, you could see the shelves sagging in the middle due to the weight of the milk - they got an upright freezer.

I showed the picture to hubby and mentioned that if all goes well with my milk supply, we might be needing a separate freezer some day too. He is amenable to the idea and we started talking about where we could place the freezer - note that we live in a condo, there's not a lot of space available. Eventually, we agreed on the idea of getting a chest freezer and placing it in a corner in the dining area.

When I first started expressing breastmilk, I produced so much that it scared me because I have nowhere to store the excess and had to throw most away - such a waste! I started consciously cutting down on pumping sessions to lessen my milk. Now that we've decided to get a separate freezer if and when one is needed, I've started to go gung-ho on this and pump every 4 hours. *cracks knuckles*

The Plan:
- maintain a reserve of up to 2 servings of room-temperature (fresh) breastmilk ready for Swe-cha to drink
- maintain up to 3 servings of breastmilk in the refrigerator for when I forget or cannot express
- anything I produce that's beyond the room-temp & refrigerator supply goes to breastmilk storage bags and into the freezer.

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