Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Stuff

Okay, so I find out from other mommy friends that I need more stuff for the baby. Specifically, I need a mobile and one or two toys that hang off of his crib / bassinet. And a few months later, I would also need a convertible car seat for when he outgrows his infant carrier and sooner than that, I would need a high chair for when he starts on his solid food.

I checked the baby stores out and I'm now back to checking online prices at - Coupon Codes & Discounts to compare prices and make sure that I get the best deals when I buy these items. They don't come cheap, after all.

In the meantime, while checking out deals for baby items, it seems like fate is throwing me some very tempting offers. I keep seeing great deals for big screen TVs. Argh! As I've mentioned in previous posts, now is not a good time to be buying frivolous items. Hubby on the other hand is being tempted by game consoles - a PS3, to be more specific. He is staying away from any stores that sell them though, he apparently has better self control than me.


meekerz said...

Instead of a high chair, I highly recommend getting booster seat! I use a Fisher Price one, but I've seen a whole lot of other brands available. It's attaches to any chair, and it's very easy to clean. Also very convenient to bring around to places/restos where there are no high chairs available.

A live in a small townhouse, and it's such a space saver that I didn't have to buy a separate highchair :)

I use this:

meekerz said...

Oh! And if you plan to get a mobile, get an electronic/battery operated one!

I made the mistake of getting a wind-up one-- I was very price conscious and it was way cheaper than those electronic ones. Unfortunately, the songs on the wind-up only are really short... So you'll have to wind and wind and wind. With the electronic ones you can switch them on and off.