Saturday, February 27, 2010

Milk Stash - February 2010

Swe-cha's frozen breast milk stash as of 2/24/2010.

Inside the freezer are 44 six-oz bags and around 30 three/four oz bottles.

It sounds like a lot if you keep track of the milk in ounces as this stash is at least 360 oz already but I read somewhere that you should keep track of your frozen milk in days instead of in ounces.

For example, if you baby takes in 30 oz per day, then divide 360 / 30 and you get 12 days. So this is just 12 days of milk after I stop producing milk, it doesn't sound like a lot anymore, right ?

Anyway, notice that we only have very little space left for our food. Someone's going to have to order that chest freezer soon.

--- edit:
Ordered a 5 cu ft freezer, it's on its way and should be here by next week.

Oh and also talked to a friend who might be needing breastmilk when she gives birth soon so I'm holding on to these in the meantime.

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Mai said...

You are blessed to have so much milk!