Monday, February 1, 2010


I often find myself twiddling my thumbs during my pumping sessions - expressing breast milk, I mean - and financial considerations aside, I do find myself tempted with some great deals that I've found online recently. Finding a new shopping tool does not help alleviate this situation either :P

For starters, I still have not gotten a push present after I gave birth to our baby boy. I have to remind hubby and drop hints - oh, and this reminds me, our anniversary is coming up in a few days too! Since hubby and I are supposed to be in recession mode, we could just get one large present for the both of us, an LCD television, perhaps ? I hear that there are good deals going around right now, right on time for SuperBowl too.

Gosh, being online in the middle of the night with the baby sleeping isn't good for my bank account. I should really be avoiding the temptation and just look for that digital video camera that my sister asked me to research for her. I wouldn't be tempted to buy that because we already have one and I would be helping her out too - I'd be hitting two birds with one stone!

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