Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tweety & Sylvester

We spent part of our weekend at Six Flags Great Adventure (yes, again). As we were walking back, Swe-cha started dragging his feet.

Ayun pala, he saw Tweety and Sylvester at the Six Flags Characters meet-and-greet area. He said he wanted to get a hug. Thankfully, kalalabas pa lang yata because the line was short.

When it was our turn, I braced myself for carrying Swe-cha again (I had to do that last December at Disney else he'd run) but he was really good. He didn't need me at all. He ran to Tweety, gave a hug and got hugged, he then looked at Daddy, posed and said "Cheese!".

Then, when we were done taking pictures with Tweety and I tried to get him, he ran back to stand next to Sylvester. Onga naman.

Again, "Cheese" raw.

Big boy na siya.

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