Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Philippine Elections 2016

I don't usually get involved with politics. I'm interested and like to join discussions (mostly to expand my knowledge of current events) but when things start getting heated, atras na ako.

These days, I've seen a few former schoolmates post statements regarding the VP candidates.

Schoolmate 1 posted that she was angry because

"A strong solid 14.9M people who voted for Duterte WILL NEVER vote an LP for VP. That is as good as not wanting Duterte for President at all. So where did Leni's numbers came from? If you will eliminate cheating employed on this result her true standing will either be behind Chiz Escudero (who happens to be more popular and known than her) or ahead of him by a small margin. Similar to Mar and Grace numbers. Sobrang obvious! Saan mo hinugot ang numero mo Leni?"

I left a comment that said plenty of people I know voted for candidates from different parties, myself included. Why would people who voted for Duterte not vote Robredo ?

The response was "It's okay if you're a Robredo supporter, my spouse likes her too."

It wasn't really an answer but I didn't pursue it. I had the feeling that we'd end up nowhere.

Next day, I saw another post from another schoolmate. This time,it was a shared post saying,
"Mga Duterte supporters, ibinoto nyo ba si Leni ? Dalawang tao lang ang pwedeng iboto ng Duterte supporters, si Marcos lang or si Cayetano. Saan nanggaling ang boto ni Leni?"

At this point, I still haven't learned my lesson so I left a message asking "why does it not make sense for Duterte supporters to vote for Leni ? bakit raw ? "

And her reply was "Ang point may be... Majority ng mga duterte followers would be voting for marcoa and cayetano its like 40 40 10 10 ang labanan which is 40 kay caye 40 kay bong 10 10 would be for the rest."

"Ano ulit? San galing yan ?" ,I asked

"Yung 40-40-10-10 yan.", schoolmate 2 emphasized, as if ako yung malabong kausap.

Medyo nakakapikon.

Para sigurado at baka naman ako lang talaga ang mahirap makaintindi, nag google ako ng "40 40 10 10", wala namang lumabas na relevant hits.



Obviously, hindi nila alam ang pinagsasabi nila, post lang nang post, share nang share at reklamo nang reklamo, pero hindi naman kaya i back up.

Parang nagulat pa nga si Schoolmate 2 nung nagtanong ako. Haha!

and then there is Sandro Marcos who claimed that there is dayaan kasi raw bakit iba nang total # of votes for President compared to the total # of votes ng VP. Then later, aamin rin siya that he was one of those people whose vote for president got invalidated because he made a mistake with the form.

Minsan, think first before you post para hindi mapahiya o magmukhang tanga.


Jacqueline Uy said...

huhu nakaka frustrate talaga ung election na ito sa atin :( ung iba share ng share ng kung ano ano wala namang basis

popcorn said...

Yes, Jacqueline! That's what frustrates me the most because I didn't really have any favorites. Out of all the candidates, I just knew na I didn't want candidate X for the presidency and I didn't want candidate y for the vice-presidency. Other than that 1 exclusion for each position, I was open for anyone.

Pero dahil sa mga taong ito at mga post nilang kaduda-duda, na turn off na ako sa candidate nila.