Thursday, December 17, 2009

Funny ka ah...

My brother, apparently, has been trying to get in touch with me for a few days now. But I keep missing his calls, my phone would usually ring twice and then stop ringing. I'd check out the caller ID, see the number from home and if I call back, Mom usually answers and I'd assume that it was Mom who called in the first place.

So recently, I heard 3 VMs with a male-sounding voice that says "hello?". That was it. I actually got 3 of them - one from the answering machine, one from my cellphone and another from our VOIP's voice mailbox (this kicks in if a call comes in as call-waiting and does not get picked up).

I didn't really put much stock or pay any attention to the "hello?" messages that I got, I didn't even make the effort to find out who this guy was. After all, if there was something urgent, wouldn't you have left a more substantial message ?

So... these past days, bro left me messages on YM to ask "did you get my messages?". He left me a similar message in Facebook - "did you get my messages ?"

Confused, I looked around for any messages - emails, chats, & even those social networking sites... - aside from his "did you get my messages?" message, I didn't see anything else.

I figured my brother was being funny, leaving a message asking about me receiving the message. Eh ?

Eventually, we did manage to talk to each other and guess what ? The messages he was asking about turned out to be the "hello?" messages that I heard days ago. Hay. Anong klaseng message yun ?

Shoti, funny ka ah. :D

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