Friday, December 4, 2009

21 more days till Christmas

We received this season's first Christmas card yesterday, it made me smile to think they (the senders) must have gotten an early start on their Christmas lists and probably spent their thanksgiving weekend writing out the cards. It also served as a reminder for us to start sending ours out - especially the ones destined outside of the US - and so I did.

Our group is also having our Christmas party tomorrow. I still feel amazed at how everything has worked out. First, we were having problems with the venue and someone agreed to host the party. And now, as I was about to order our potluck dish from Jersey City, a friend calls up to talk about the party and offers to buy our dish from another store and pick it up themselves. Now, hubby and I don't have to rush off after church tomorrow just to pick up food.

Next, while we weren't able to get something for our annual White Elephant gift exchange (we just won't join that this year), we were able to get all the shopping done for the kids' gifts. Here's hoping that the kids (or the parents of those who are getting clothes instead of toys, haha!) will like what we got them.

We were also able to get a maternity photo shoot done with our photographer friend, the pictures came out great and I'm looking forward to getting the pictures on disk tomorrow so I can see about blowing one up for the baby's room.

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