Thursday, April 30, 2009

Powder Room Completed

Renovations to our powder room are now complete and let me take this opportunity to post some pictures.

Before: Huge bulky toilet tank, gold fixtures

After: brushed silver / nickel finish, more modern fixtures

I like it.

The total cost came to just under $300 and I lost count of the amount of time that we actually spent working on this - not to mention the numerous trips to Home Depot to get supplies that we didn't know we needed (mostly, these were water supply connectors to replace the old ones that turned out to be the wrong length when we replaced the faucet and the toilet tank).

Granted, the toilet tank replacement was unplanned - I accidentally broke it - and the bulk of the expense was really the faucet and the lights. I'm still not sure if the end result is worth the cost but I do like our "new" bathroom and it has a Zen-like feel to it.


Berryblitz said...

yeah more modern looking. and mas maliwanag na. it's not like on horror movies na when it's kind of dark then you'll just see on the mirror that there's something on your back! peaceeeee

maliwanag na sya. and pati toilet tank pinalitan nyo. nice :)

popcorn said...

Hahaha! Kinumpara ba naman sa horror move yung dati naming powder room :)

Okay lang, makes us feel so much better about the small improvements, maski konti lang.

Yung toilet tank, di ko akalaing malaki yung difference. Even when we were buying the new one, akala ko pareho lang halos. Iba pala dating nung bago. Mas luminis. And mukhang bago talaga.


Mylene said...

I like the fixtures. Definitely more modern.

popcorn said...

Thanks Mai!