Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dishwasher Rack Part 1

We decided to tackle the dishwasher rack tonight, it was starting to rust up in places - indicated by bubbles in the vinyl - and when hubby scraped off the vinyl, this was what was underneath.


We had purchased the repair tools we needed earlier - rust neutralizer, vinyl caps for the tines, and vinyl paint - so we were ready. We wanted to do this sooner than later because we decided to stop using the dishwasher (until we can fix it) when we bought the supplies a few weeks ago (and we always used it regularly before).

After exposing the rusted parts, hubby scraped off the rust, sprayed it with rust neutralizer which turned it into black. We're now waiting out the 24 hrs that it takes to cure before we paint over the exposed portions with the vinyl paint.

In the meantime, we started installing the vinyl caps on the tines. a drop of vinyl paint dabbed on the tines before slipping on the cap will serve as glue.

I'm keeping my fingers (and toes as well) crossed in the hopes that we can keep up with this batch of home improvement updates. It's about time, two years should be more enough time to plan and dream :)

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