Sunday, April 5, 2009

New color

We've been postponing some home improvement projects for a few years now and since the company has decided to cut some of our vacation benefits and I suddenly find myself with several days off in the month of April, this seemed like a good time to start on a project.

I decided to paint.

Bahala na about the colors, we chose some colors that we liked and picked one. We weren't quite sure but decided to try it out anyway. When we first decided to paint the condo a couple of years ago, we couldn't decide on a color (or colors) so we didn't do anything. I didn't want to fall into the same trap again.

So here goes, we painted the hallway and this is how it looks like: (the one with the white walls is the "before" and the one with the Harvest Brown walls is the "after" )

We still have not decided if we like this and we're giving it a few days. The color seems too dark but it does not look too bad in the photo - and the white trim / doors do look great against the darker walls. We may keep the color or we might decide to repaint with a lighter shade and use the rest of this darker paint in the bathroom just off this hallway.

Any comments?


Berryblitz said...

a more lighter color will do great! para medyo mag iba ren yung color nya sa floor. based sa photo yung comment ko :)

pero for me ok na yang color na yan. you may want to change it next year naman :) para hindi kayo maubusan ng color kung balak nyo every year :p

popcorn said...

Hi Berry, thanks for the input :) Looks like decided na nga kami palitan yung kulay.

Una sabi ni hubby ituloy na lang na ganito kulay, sayang kasi yung tirang paint. Pero when we realized that we could use the paint in the half-bath, okay na siya to replace this with a lighter shade.

Ay, nako. Mahirap magpintura, DIY kasi dito sa America eh. We were just talking about this yesterday, sabi ko sa Pilipinas papagawa mo muna sa iba before you even think about doing it yourself. Dito sa US, try muna gawin yourself before hiring others kasi mahal eh. :P