Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dishwasher Rack Part 2

Thanks to these wonderful products - vinyl paint & vinyl caps - our dishwasher rack is now without the rusty bubbles.

Granted, if you look closely, you should be able to find the patches of new paint because it does not exactly match the original color. But this is so much better than letting the rust build and eventually eat up the rack.

The only complaint I have about the vinyl paint is that it dries up fairly quickly but this small bottle, which I originally thought is too small, has more then enough paint to fix the rusty portions of our racks (which isn't really a lot to start with).

This is how our rack looks now. Not too shabby. Check out the caps that we glued (glued using vinyl paint) onto the tines. Our next job is to attach the remaining caps onto the tines on the top rack.

Vinyl Paint with 130 caps = $19.99 (you have the option of buying just the paint or have different choices on the number of caps that it comes with and this comes in white, gray or blue).

LocTite Rust Neutralizer = $5.99

Total Cost = $25.98

A replacement rack costs more than $100 each.

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