Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DIY Updates

The past several days have been very busy for hubby and me - as evidenced by the bunch of DIY posts and pictures which I have posted recently.

The living room / hallway painting is mostly done, all that's left over is the trim and the closet doors.

All the electrical switches have been replaced by decorator-style switches:

and all the outlets have been replaced with matching ones as well:

I started prepping to replace the kitchen light last night but was sorely disappointed when we opened the box of the new light fixture that we bought and found that the frosted glass dome was damaged. Hubby has to return this to the store tonight and get a replacement.

I'm not posting any pictures of the living room yet as the place is still a mess. I'm hoping that we finish refurbishing the powder room soon so that we can get on with the trim & the cabinet doors. Only then will we be able to completely clean up the room and put away the tools, paint cans & trays, boxes and bags of supplies.

I'm not even going to look at this month's credit card bill. All these little purchases (paint, new wall plates, switches and outlets, light fixtures, hardware for the powder room) didn't seem to be much at the time that we're buying them but I'm not ready for a heart attack just yet.

I'm thinking that we saved a lot by doing the work ourselves and I can't wait to see the final tally.

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