Thursday, January 30, 2014

I love you

Swe-cha has been opening our refrigerated drawer and leaving it open. Not only does it waste energy by making the refrigerator motor run more, it also makes our home heater waste more energy because as the cold air escapes and cools the house, our heater has to work harder to get the house warmer. It's not a simple thing these days as we are going through below-freezing temperatures.

I keep telling Swe-cha to close the drawer but he still forgets. Nearing the end of my rope, I point to the refrigerated drawer this evening and told him, "You have to close the drawer, okay ? If you don't close it, I palo you."

He looks at me with his big, round eyes and says "I love you".

With a response like that, how do I have the heart to follow through with my threat ? Hay.

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