Saturday, January 18, 2014

Home Office

We went to Ikea this morning to check out furniture for our home office. Wasn't really expecting to come home with something but a "just looking" trip turned out to be quite productive.

While browsing through the Ikea catalog last year, we sort of liked the way that the Expedit Series was set up. 

This was further confirmed when our friends, the Vs, set this up in their family room. We loved how it seemed to give a lot of work space in a small area.

I also liked that the table is wide enough for both hubby and I to share, we can have our own desk if we sit across of each other. 

One thing I wasn't sure of was that the table only had legs on one end, the other end had brackets that are supported by the bookshelf - and this, I didn't really like. I was skeptical of how it would hold up.

Thankfully, we did see a nice alternative - the Melltorp table.

We chose a white table top and we got this, in addition to the Expedit shelving unit.

On our way out, we passed by a display which showed some drawer inserts for the Expedit series, at $20 each, we thought it was a great addition to the set. It also enabled us to reach the $250 minimum order required for a $25 off coupon.

We also had great timing, turns out that Ikea had a promotion for this weekend that if you get $150 worth of furniture (or more), you could get your restaurant bill deducted from your total =) We were able to apply this on top of the $25 off coupon we received when we moved.


Now, if we could just move the boxes currently stored in the room we designated as our home office (yellow room) and assemble the furniture this weekend, I'd be ecstatic.

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