Friday, January 10, 2014

D*** you, Solar Vortex

Our gas and electric bill arrived today. I had been dreading this.

Last month, we received a bill for $210.23 and I was flabbergasted because we only lived in the house 1/4 of the time (1 week out of the 4 that the bill covered).

and today ?  $366.23

I am seriously hurting and I just hope that this isn't our normal winter consumption and that this spike in the consumption is just caused by the extreme cold weather we're getting because of the Polar Vortex.


On a positive note, I got a message from our realtor this afternoon asking if pets are allowed in the condo - apparently, there is someone interested in our unit and they have a pet (a small dog) - I responded yes and said that the building allows up to 2 pets.

Sana eto na.

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