Sunday, January 20, 2013


We've replaced almost all of our major appliances in the last 2 years.

- windows in 2010
- central AC in 2011
- washing machine in 2012
- dishwasher in 2012

Our refrigerator is fairly new since I bought it new when I moved in to this place.

When we replaced the dishwasher, hubby commented, "o, ayan, ano na ang next na masisira ?" I shushed him and asked him not to jinx us.

As it turns out, we were sitting down for dinner this evening when hubby heard what sounded like the pitter patter of rain. Now our dining room is located in the 2nd floor and our bedrooms are upstairs so we shouldn't be hearing rain this close. He rushed upstairs and found our washer running water continuously.

[curse words]

Our wall to wall carpeting upstairs is soaking wet and will have to be replaced, I'm sure. And while we're soaking up the excess water, hubby is wondering aloud about our ceiling downstairs - do we have to replace it ?

"Pwede ba ? Let's deal with this one at a time."

We started searching (frantically) for a place to rent a wet/dry vacuum. Maski purchase sige na.  Unfortunately, this happened at 8:15p, stores closed at 8p.

[more curse words]

The good thing that I see here is that I suddenly lost my appetite. Okay pala to sa nag di diet.

Oh, and we did find a friend who has a wet/dry vacuum and hopefully, it's an industrial one. Hubby's on his way there to borrow.

It just hit me that we happily escaped Hurricane Sandy's reach, only to succumb to a washing machine.

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