Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flood Update

I called up Mom, Dad & Big Sis to tell them what happened and the first thing they say is "insurance ?"

*knocks head on wall* It did not even enter my mind.

I called up our home insurance company and they quickly processed my claim & sent our info over to a restoration company. Said company got in touch w/ me today but said they need permission from the management company of our bldg before they can come due to possible noise. When asked what they're going to be doing, I'm told that they're going to have huge vacuums to suck water out, fans to dry stuff and possibly demolition work to check the ceilings.


They're coming tomorrow at 9a. I don't have work (fortunately) and hubby is staying home from work.

Would like to thank the P family for the suggestions and the B family for lending us their industrial wet-dry vacuum.

Would also like to thank swe-cha for being cooperative and behaving well while Mommy and Daddy are frantically running around doing damage control. Would also like to commend him for not touching the buckets we placed in his play area to catch the water dripping down through the air vents.

Paminsan-minsan lang mag cooperate itong batang ito, buti good timing at di siya nakisabay sa baha.

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