Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flooding Aftermath 1

We don't really have any pictures of the actual flooding while it was happening - we were too busy doing damage control and by the time we were done, taking pictures was the last thing on our minds.... It was bad though, pics or no pics, trust me.

After the water was sucked out by the big-a$$ wet vacuum machines (hubby spent a few hours using the one we borrowed from the B family and later, the restoration company came over with their own and sucked out more water. Our home insurance sent the restoration company, Paul Davis Restoration Company of North & Passaic Counties.

These were left running at home for 3 days (24hrs x 3 days) to dry out our house. These ones were downstairs - a 200 HT dehunmidifer, and 4 centrifugal fans (only 3 were in the picture). The fans were pointed towards the ceiling. Paul Davis staff would come over every day to inspect the drywall & check for moisture & they would reposition the machines as needed.

Meanwhile, the following were left to dry our master bedroom: another dehumidifier and 3 more fans (only 2 in the pic).


When these babies are all running, we can barely hear each other talk. Also, we had our central heating turned off and while temperatures were in the arctic zones outside (10-20 degrees Celsius), we were 80+ degrees inside the house - we were sweating and had to crank open a window or two for short periods of time!

These ran from Monday 1/21 and were finally taken out on Thursday 1/24 when the Paul Davis team declared our home dry.

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