Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Window drama


Just when I thought that the window drama is over, here we go again.

That leaky window that we've been trying to get fixed was tested with a water test (water sprayed from a host directly into the window - seams and all) last Friday and I thought we were done. It rained all day Sunday and leaks were still reported in the unit downstairs.

Come monday morning, the super and the unit owner was knocking on my door again, asking to knock more holes into my walls with the promise of patching it up again. They cut up more holes, revealing dry wall interiors. I thought that I was home free but as it turns out, this gave them even more fuel to put the blame on my window! Now, I'm getting a lot of pressure to replace the window.

"What happens if the leak isn't caused by my window ? I replace it and you still have leaks ?" I asked.

"Then you sue the condo," the super told me.

Sh*t. Sue ? I don't have the time or the energy for a lawsuit.

"If you want me to replace my window, make it official. Go to the condo board and have them send me an official request to replace my window because it is causing a leak. This way, I have something to go back to in case the leak persists after the replacement. If I will be compelled to replace my window, I want something that says that I will get reimbursed for the costs IF it turns out that the leak is not my window's fault."

So off they go to the management company to ask for that official letter. In the meantime, I have been very busy calling for estimates to replace that window and it is not looking good (especially not after having spent almost $250 on repairs).

Sigh again.

So now, I have money issues. Again.

Separation issues (from Swe-cha) aside, I can't wait to start working again. I miss the financial freedom that two incomes give to our household. I can't wait till we have the funds to move. I can't wait to sell this place. Condo living is so *not* for me now.

I wrote a really long letter detailing the window issues to the board of directors. I hope they come up with a fair solution that's amenable to both parties otherwise, someone might have to consult Northwest Indiana Bankruptcy Lawyers pretty soon.

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