Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I think my milk supply is starting to dwindle.

I used to get 15oz easy whenever I express milk, now we're lucky if we get 10 oz. I'm not complaining because this is still enough for Swe-cha, it just means that I don't get to freeze more than a bag or two (if we're lucky) each day. I'm also quite relieved - in a way - to realize that my milk supply can go down. I've been worrying a bit about this because I'm gearing up to start working again and I'm worried that I might get mastitis or clogged ducts again if I cannot pump regularly during the day or if I cannot pump long enough to empty out my breasts.

Swe-cha usually takes 3 bottles a day and drinks somewhere between 5 to 10 oz for each bottle. I'm super thankful that we still have breastmilk because I get to fill up his bottles with 10 oz and not feel hinayang when he doesn't finish it or doesn't touch it at all.

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