Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unfortunate events

On our way to church yesterday, we saw our neighbors in the hallway and we were told that they were on their way to the basement to inspect the flood damages. What the ? Apparently, our building's basement (where our storage units are) was flooded this [he gestures around 3 inches] high. We went to hear mass anyway and decided to check out the basement when we got home later. We figured it wasn't going to be any better if we saw the damages an hour later rather than now.

So later, we went down to the basement and I am happy to report that we got off almost scot-free. The only water damage was to a christmas tree - which I'm okay to throw away anyway - and a box marked "office", this had all the junk from when we packed up our office in 2007. I did have some framed photographs of my nephews inside the box, wrapped in newspaper. The newspaper wrappings were soggy by the framed photos were dry.

Praise God!

I felt like this was a sign from God, sort of like Him telling me to hang in there and that things are gonna get better soon.

The truth is, between Swe-cha getting sick every week, hubby's wisdom tooth extraction/surgery last week, a possible root canal for hubby, and this leak downstairs that's being blamed on our window... having more of our precious stuff (wedding album, high school and college yearbooks) damaged is going to be unbearable. Considering that I have not seen any checks from payroll services in over a year ? "Property damages" is the last thing I want to hear about. I'm so thankful that we were spared this time.

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