Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Hubby did some spring cleaning this weekend, starting with the master bedroom. He dusted, wiped, and scrubbed everything clean, even climbed up a latter to clean out the ceiling fan and lights.

He also fixed that closet door that's been bothering us, after almost 3 years of "thinking about it", we can finally close the doors to both closets and keep the dust off of our clothes. This is one of the things I've been nagging him about, I'm OC about keeping the closet doors closed to keep the things inside clean but he keeps leaving them open because the door is difficult to close. I eventually gave up nagging and as it turns out, he decides to fix the door after all this time.

Afterwards, he vacuumed. Oooh, the carpets feel so good on one's bare feet after a good vacuuming.

He does this when I start coughing and I start blaming it on a dust allergy. Now, I only wish there was some way to make him clean w/o having to get sick :P In any case, he's already doing it now so I'm not complaining (I did give him a choice of caring for Swe-cha or cleaning, he chose the latter).

He also started putting the knick knacks on our bookshelf into a box so that we can move the bookshelf to another location as part of our "Swe-cha's play area expansion" project.

That's one of the good things I can say about the husband. Once he gets started cleaning, he really does get going. It's just that sometimes, I do have to put my foot down because he can get out of control and start working on other things. Say, he'd start off w/ vacuuming the carpets. When he gets to the computer area, he'll want to organize & clean that as well, so he'll take out all the wires and cables and disks and what-nots and spread it all out to clean. Then when he's done w/ that, he'll want to organize & sort his DVDs.... by the end of the day, he will have started a lot of other small projects and still not finish his original activity (vacuuming the carpet).

Anyway, I hope he finishes this as I'm tired from being up all night because of Swe-cha's teething and I cannot supervise *wink*. But then again, maybe he'll decide to do our floors one of these days and I won't have to scout for an affordable Floor company anymore.

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