Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well-oiled machine

Swe-cha has been throwing up while he's asleep on most nights these days. It usually happens when he tries to cough up phlegm and he does not have enough control because he is asleep, the phlegm comes out but so does a lot of other stuff.

The past few nights, he's been throwing up on his pillow and then would get it all over his face and hair because he'd still be sleeping and he usually with his face down and his butt up high in the air. So in the process of cleaning him up, getting him changed and changing the sheets (because even though we have these multi-use sheets spread out beneath him, he still manages to throw up near the edge so that there is a little seepage onto the bedsheets.

Tonight, we heard him coughing again. So we ran to the bed and got there just in time to see him cough out the phlegm and it was followed by some milk, I got to Swe-cha just in time to lift him up just as he threw up so while he did mess up his sleep sack, we managed to keep him clean (and asleep), yay!

I held him while hubby went to get the spare sleepsack, replace the pillows and the multi-use sheets. We then put him in the new sleepsack and back to bed, all in less than 5 minutes. We were like a well-oiled machine tonight. Sad lang to think that we got to this stage because Swe-cha has been doing this a lot lately because of his cough :(

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