Monday, November 23, 2009

Panic Buying

Hubby and I went baby-shopping last weekend. With the amount of goods that we purchased, you could say that we went panic buying, it took us a few trips to bring in our purchases into the house. I don't really care about the walk to and from the car as I needed to get some exercise in as well - as if the shopping wasn't enough! Haha!

It did enter my mind to try and postpone some purchases for a few days and see if we could get better deals on Black Friday. But images of pregnant ladies running around the baby store and grabbing everything they could get their hands on and me running around with them ? Possibly even fighting over the last item available ?

Uh.. no, thanks. Wouldn't want to risk getting injured and having to consult a Hawaii Personal Injury lawyer (if I were in the state of Hawaii) just to save a few bucks. I'd rather keep my sanity. It was an amusing thought, though.

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