Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It's almost Black Friday season again and we are faced with a lot of temptation. We have been very good kids (haha!) and have been able to resist the sales and the temptation to buy stuff for the house.

Our mantra has always been "we'll have to move to a bigger house anyway" so we always end up pushing off any purchases that we had been thinking about - among those we have pushed off buying are a new couch, LCD TVs, DVRs.

So anyway, seeing these black Friday ads have gotten me thinking again... so what happens when the stars align for us (i.e. we find a new place we can afford, we are able to move, I still get to work from home, and possibly, still afford to not sell our old house ?) AND we get a chance to move ? Real Property Management is the answer. Hope we get to rent out this condo and keep it on as an investment.


Thankfully, dreams don't cost much.

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