Thursday, November 19, 2009

eBay Seller

I've been sorting through our clutter at home and saw a lot of things that we have been targeting to sell thru eBay for a long time now but have just not gotten around to doing so. It seemed liked such a hassle because we didn't know how things really worked and if it was really as easy as the FAQs described the process to be.

Anyway, last week, I finally decided to try and start off with a few items that were worthless to me. I figured, even if they sold cheap, I'd call it a day and not have to feel bad about losing money on the fees.

On a whim, I posted 3 coupons that were almost expiring (note that ebay policy states that coupons are free, bidders are actually paying for your time and effort in clipping the coupons and listing them) with varying auction lengths. One ended last week and got sold for $3.50. Another ended this morning and got sold for $5.50. And the last one ? Well, no takers yet.

To think that I was about to shred them.

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