Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good service

I came across this article of a "Couple Busted for Refusing to Pay Tip" and remembered the experience hubby and I had dining out last night. I was not in the mood to prepare dinner and wanted to go out to have my new favorite sandwich at the local Friendly's.

Hubby got home late, as usual, and we got to the restaurant at around 8:45p. By that time, I was famished - remember, pregnant lady speaking here. We were able to put our orders in immediately after being seated as we already knew what we wanted. 30 minutes later, still no sign of the food.

The manager must have noticed how I was rubbing my belly, or how I was wincing from the hunger pangs or he must just plain realize that we weren't getting good service. He apologized and said that there was a big takeout order that had just preceded ours and the kitchen was getting swamped. He offered us some side salad in the meantime and we accepted.

Times like these make me realize how important good management and customer relations is. Those side salads he offered us couldn't have cost much and the veggies would've probably just wilted and wouldn't have been kept for the next day anyway. We went home full and happy. Oh, I should also mention that the manager offered me an extra scoop of ice cream with my happy-ending sundae too (now, THAT raise my spirits up, along with my glucose levels).

Mood: happy.

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