Tuesday, September 11, 2007

VOIP up and running

*lots of smiles and sighs of relief*

Nothing clears up one's tension the way a rant does. I'm glad to announce that after a total of 12 days of having no service, our JoiPhone line is now up and running - and in good time too, as I was about to send out an email request to terminate my account and was about to sign up for service with another provider. In fact, I had my email all typed out and decided to save it as a draft first while hubby makes a last-ditch attempt to try and get the adapter up and running. Surprisingly, whatever hubby did worked! Considering that we've been on and off the phone (and used up hours of our cellphone's air time) with service technicians and nobody has been able to help us, JoiPhone should hire my husband. Hmpft.

Now, I am on the phone (according to their automated phone system, I am "first in line" and have been for the past 22 minutes now) waiting to talk to the billing department, I am not going to let this pass without asking for credit for the days that we don't have service. On the plus side, at least am not burning my cellphone minutes doing this now.

Thank you guys for your comments in my previous rant post.

I did consider switching to Vonage, but didn't want to pay that much for phone service. Obviously, I got what I paid for. But then again, setup-woes aside, the service isn't bad at all and considering the $$ that I save on long-distance calls ? This might still be worth the (temporary) angst after all.


Samir Savla said...

Can you or your hubby share the instructions of how you setup the Joiphone box to work with a static IP. I have a similar issue and need it to work but havent heard back from the techsupport yet although i should give them more time to reply.

popcorn said...

Hi Samir,

It was Joiphone's tech team who finally resolved the issue.

Apparently, in order for the box to work with a static IP, Joiphone has to change a setting in their systems.

On our end, when the tech guys finally realized that it was their systems that needed to be changed, they updated their system and we just waited for their systems to be "recycled" - this took a few minutes (or an hour, I think).

By the way, did you want the Joiphone box to work with a static IP because you wanted to set it up behind your router ?