Saturday, June 22, 2013


Today ended on a high note, we are finally *drumroll please* citizens of this wonderful country.

Not that we didn't have it good back in the motherland but we can't deny that this country has been very good to our family and have provided us with countless opportunities.

On an even higher note, remember all my angst about our immigration journey where it seemed like we were getting the worst schedules all the time ? Here's my post about our biometrics appointment and here's the one about our interview appointment.

The Saturday interview was a breeze. There were hardly any lines. The federal building seemed like a ghost town when we got there and there was only one other person on her way in with us. When we got upstairs to the waiting area, it was less than 1/3 filled. We got there at 11a for our 11:30a interviews. Hubby got interviewed at exactly 11:30, I didn't get called in until 12:45p. The last oath-taking ceremony for the day was at 1p and it got pushed back to 1:30p because they had to wait for us stragglers.

I had learned and practiced the national anthem the week before so I could *ehem* belt it out at the ceremony but I realized how off-key my singing was so I respectfully kept my voice low. ;) That morning, I teased hubby about crying when he finally takes the oath, he didn't (his immigration journey is actually the easiest!). Despite thinking that those who shed tears during the ceremony are overacting, I did find myself teary-eyed while watching the "Proud to be an American" video.

Okay...  I looked up "Proud to be an American" on Youtube just now and found myself teary-eyed again.

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