Sunday, June 23, 2013

More cleaning

We threw away sacks of trash this weekend.

Hubby sorted out the boxes that started accumulating in the 2nd bedroom since we had the great flood and I sifted through folders and folders of documents that have accumulated since.. well.. since I gave birth to Swe-cha.

I finally got our docs organized into binders - health records, certificates, tax returns, coins (we collect coins), stamps (yes, we collect them too!) and Swe-cha's school records - and filed neatly in the filing cabinet.

We're both aching, sore and tired. I have long scratches across one arm (got them from the plastic folders).

Ang saya.

We're doing this not just because my family is coming for a visit... but we're also doing this as part of the cleanup effort for when we move (hep hep... no getting excited yet, we don't have a house yet... this is just to get things ready "just in case"). As friend E says, "wag na ilipat ang basura, pampabigat lang yan."

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