Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nutrisystem - Day 17

It's been 17 days, a little less than 3 weeks and the weight loss is at 6 lbs.

Yesterday, I fit into last year's jeans. Yay!

I'm keeping my goal simple - eat right and lose whatever weight I can. I'm not pushing for any big numbers. What pushed me to do this was the fact that my A1C showed that my blood sugar was at pre-diabetec levels.

When I started this program, I remember complaining about being hungry all the time. I still am, though probably not at those levels anymore. The best part is that I haven't been strictly adhering to Nutrisystem food so I never felt deprived. I bring my food to the office but if I see something good in the cafeteria, I buy lunch instead. The caveat is that my criteria for "good food" these days is fish and veggies and if the serving is big, I bring half home in a doggie bag.

Last night, I made pork chops. E I love these.... so I skipped the Nutrisystem meal and didn't have any rice. I just munched on the pork chops. Okay na rin.

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