Saturday, May 18, 2013


The good news is that we finally received our interview notices for our US citizenship application.

The bad news is that we're both scheduled for the same day AND our interview is on a SATURDAY.

Uh... where do we get childcare ?

The good news is that I emailed Swe-cha's daycare and was told that they can open on Saturday. I was asked what hours I need, I told them and haven't received a response yet.

I'm still waiting to hear back if they can accommodate us on that date. I'm hoping that the answer is a yes and that hopefully, the cost - which, understandably, will surely be higher than usual - will not be prohibitive.

I did some digging and seems like rescheduling your citizenship interview is very risky. Any rescheduling requests go into a manual drawer and they dedicate 2 days every month for that pile. I've read stories where people are able to reschedule their interviews w/no issues, I've heard stories of people who are still waiting for their new interview schedules 6 months later and there are some who get notified that they failed to appear for the interview so no more steps will be taken on their application (this means that the reschedule request was never received/processed by USCIS).

I'm still undecided on what to do. Hubby is still snoozing, catching up on sleep, so I haven't discussed it w/ him. Worst case scenario is that one of us will have to reschedule. I'm thinking it should be me because he has plans to file petitions for his family when he gets his citizenship so it's better if he gets his asap.

So while that's still under debate, I finally broke open the plastic wrap on my copy of the Naturalization Test reviewer. I didn't think I was going to start on this until after July because our application seems to be going on a really slow pace  when compared to our friend E's who only submitted his 2 weeks prior to us.

N-400 timeline
Mailed via USPS Expressmail - 3/12/2013
Priority Date - 3/15/2013
NOA received - 3/19/2013
Biometrics notice received - 4/1/2013
Biometrics scheduled for 4/16/2013
Interview notice received - 5/17/2013
Interview scheduled for - 6/15/2013

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