Saturday, May 4, 2013

Self Control

... or my lack thereof.

For close to 3 weeks now, I've been sneaking over to McDonald's on my way to pick up Swe-cha from the daycare and indulging on their Oreo McFlurry.

I don't always weigh myself but since I've been doing that, I've purposely avoided the scale. But extra pounds do have a way of making themselves known and in my case, I've been feeling my clothes getting tighter.

Come Monday, I'm starting on a diet regimen. Will start watching my food intake - not really lessen as I've lessened the food that I eat since last year - but I vow to make smarter food choices. Those afternoon McFlurries are really to address the fact that I'm hungry. Yes, I could've munched on crackers but I obviously have the self-control of a flea (no insults intended for fleas).

Let's see how this goes.

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