Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nutrisystem - day 1

I officially started on Nutrisystem today and while it is only the afternoon and there's still several hours before my "today" officially ends, I think it went pretty well.

I had the Cinnamon Streusel Muffin and a chocolate shake around 8a. The muffin was just the right size and after downing the shake, I thought I was set till lunch. As it turns out, I was hungry by 10a. Thankfully, this program does have a mid-morning snack allocation anyway so I ate a service of yogurt and that lasted me till lunch.

At lunch time, officemates E and E wanted to eat out. I didn't want to disappoint them by depriving them of my company [ what an excuse for wanting to skip a packaged meal, no ? ] so I ditched my Nutrisystem chicken noodle soup and ate out with them. I figured, the key was not really to avoid eating out but rather to make sure that I controlled my portions. So instead of the usual 2-viand combo that comes with the 2 scoops of white rice that I usually order at our fave Pinoy place, I got 1 bowl of beef nilaga and had it with half a scoop of rice.  I was so proud of myself for sticking to the plan and leaving half of my rice untouched - I tried to tell the server to just give me half a scoop but she gave me a whole scoop... probably thought I was asking for half an order as their usual rice serving is 2 scoops.

By 4, I was hungry again and I forced myself to munch on an apple instead of the Cheetos that I really wanted. At this point, E passed by my cubby, pointed to my apple and asked, "kasama ba yan ?" Na-impress yata as he's probably never seen me eat fruit as a snack before.

The best part about today was that my postprandial blood sugar levels were at goal after both meals. Achievable pala, so long as I don't gorge myself on food all the time.

One thing that I still have to get used to is feeling hungry all the time. My tummy starts growling 2-3 hrs after a meal but as I said, the program does call for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. It also has a dessert allowance after dinner - I'll have mine halfway between dinner & bedtime tonight as I always have a problem falling asleep while hungry.

I dropped by the grocery today and came home with snack alternatives. I have apples, grapes, and also bought nuts - unsalted ones too!

Dinner was flame-broiled beef patty. It seemed dodgy at first because it was very light and the preparation called for pouring boiling water over it till you fill the tray and then leaving it in the water for 2 minutes. It turned out okay, not as good as fresh burgers but it was far from being cardboard (which was what I expected it to be). It was tasty, possibly has too much salt but I don't really care.

As I was prepping hubby's dinner of grilled short ribs, I decided to cook a bit more for my baon tomorrow since lunch calls for a serving of Power Fuel anyway. I sort of cheated a little and nibbled on the bones - I say "sort of" because did give hubby a taste of my beef patty so I'd consider it "even".  And yet again, postprandial blood sugar levels were at goal. Yay!


For those who are wondering, my top goal is to get control of my body and start living well. I do not want to be a diabetic if I can help it.

Wellness is my goal and weight loss is just a very welcome side effect.

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