Friday, June 8, 2012

Water Damage

It's been raining again the past few days but dealing with a toddler having some serious cabin fever is the least of my worries.

Remember that leak in the bathroom ceiling that started last year that we finally got fixed early this year ? Well, since it's been raining these days, I've been staring at the ceiling at times and now, there seems to be a suspicious bulge in the paint. I'm scared to poke it lest we find out that there's water but we're going to have to do that pretty soon before it causes even more water damage. Thankfully, there are companies like the The Steam Team who are water extraction experts.

Having migrated from a tropical country that is besieged by typhoons for most of the year, floodings and water damage to homes and structures isn't new to me. But I wasn't aware till now that there are water extraction experts at all like the round rock tx water extraction team. I wonder why there isn't one back home ?

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