Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ayaw raw o!

Last week, a friend posted about a new Jollibee branch opening up in Jersey City on 6/10. I was so excited and told my Mom the next time we talked, Jersey City is a lot more accessible to us than Woodside, Queens (where the first Jollibee branch in the East Coast opened) - and no tolls to get there too!

Mom says, in a snobby-sounding voice, "why do you like Jollibee so much ? Here ? We don't want it anymore. Sobrang sawa na kami." and the rest of our conversation went like this:

Me:  "e Mommy, we like Jollibee because once a year is the most that we can have Jollibee (that is when we visit them in California). Kayo, you're probably sawa because it's so near, you can have it everyday."

Mom: "hindi na nga, ayaw na namin, we don't have Jollibee at all"

Me: "okay, not everyday... sige, every week."

Mom: "hindi nga, matagal na. hindi na talaga kami kumakain ng Jollibee."

Me: "Ediba nung Tuesday lang, sabi mo the kids ate left over Jollibee burger steak ? So ibig sabihin you had it a few days earlier tapos ate the rest again later."

Mom: "oo, mga bata yun."

and then my Dad comes into the room and I hear Mom tell him "pauwi na si B (my sister), may dalang Jollibee breakfast para sa atin."

When mom comes back to the phone...

Me: "O, may Jollibee bfast kayo ? Akala ko ba ayaw nyo ng Jollibee at di kayo bumibili ? last week nag Jollibee kayo.,.. today meron ulit Jollibee. Akala ko sawang-sawa na kayo ?"

Mom: "si Achi mo yan bumili chaka breakfast yun."

Me: "Teka, so nung sinabi mo na ayaw NYO na ng Jollibee, sino yun ? Ikaw at si Dad lang pala ?"

Mom: "Hindi, lahat kami ayaw."

Me: "e bakit nag Jollibee kayo last week ?"

Mom: "Mga bata yun. BURGER STEAK nga eh,"  (emphasis on the burger steak, not sure why)

... at this point, I changed the topic na. Feeling ko, di kami mag kakaintindihan.

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