Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Weigh-In

Today is my first weigh-in since I decided to try and lose weight.

I haven't really made any big changes - not ones where I starve myself because I wouldn't be able to sustain that - but instead, I've decided to make small steps that are easier and less painful.

My first step was to stop taking 2nd helpings of rice and with this, I lost 2 lbs in 6 weeks. It's not much but I don't mind because I barely felt the effort (konting sad lang if feeling bitin kasi masarap ang ulam).

Now, my next step is to take have smaller servings of rice, I want to eventually cut down my rice intake to about half of what I take now. Hopefully, I lose more than 2lbs at the next weigh-in. I'm thinking about giving up my DD iced tea fix... but since it's still 99c per cup all summer long, I'll give that up when prices go back to normal :P


emcee quay-sy said...

want to lose weight? try 45 minute cardio work-out thrice a week. :)

It helps a lot! You don't even have to trim down food.

30 minutes cycling on a stationary bike (you can take breaks)then,
15 minutes walking on the treadmill. :)

popcorn said...

Hi emcee,

thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

i don't have the 45 minutes for a cardio workout. though, with some lifestyle changes, i'm able to squeeze in 30 minutes of walking out side w/ my toddler - part walking and part running when i have to chase after him.

hopefully, mag work.

thanks for the advise!