Monday, June 11, 2012

Bradley-Pacquiao Fight

We enjoyed watching the fight between Bradley and Pacquiao last weekend. Remember those previous fights of Pacman where his opponent would get knocked out halfway through the fight ? And we'd all say that it's such a waste of the pay-per-view fee because we hardly saw any "fight" at all ?

Well, last weekend's fight was so different from those previous ones. Up until Bradley was announced as the winner, we were kept in suspense and honestly did not know who would win. To us, both boxers deserved the title.

Now that Bradley has been crowned the winner, it's sad to hear a lot of my countrymen crying foul. Loyalty is good but hey, so is good sportsmanship. Nobody likes to lose but can we please stop crying "luto" or "daya" (cheating) when our bets do not win ?

Isa pa to si Manny... just now, i read an article where he was quoted as saying:

“Wala namang doubt, talagang klarung-klaro that I won the fight.
“Irespeto na lang natin ang desisyon ng mga judges.

 For those who do not understand, let me translate as best as I can.
"There's no doubt, it's really clear that I won the fight."
"Let's just respect the decision of the judges."

Funny how he issues a statement that is the complete opposite of the judges' decision where he states that he is the clear winner and then follows that with a call to respect the decision of the judges. If you respect their decision, then you'd have to accept the loss too.

 Whatever happened to grace ?


Aris said...

I suggest you try to read some non-Filipino professional articles before you make up your mind...

popcorn said...

I'm aware that there are non-pinoys who also think that Pacquiao should've won. On the other hand, there are a lot of Pinoys (boxing enthusiasts) who are okay with the results too.

I can imagine how hard it is to score accurately because the judges tally based on what they see and I'm sure there are moments when they have blind spots (parang referee rin sa basketball who cannot cry foul if he did not see the deed, diba ?).

Regardless of who really deserved to win this time, hearing "luto" and "daya" again and so soon after American Idol just got to me. A lot of pinoys were crying daya then too. Ironically, one of the people I know who cried "daya" is someone who found a way to send their votes to American Idol, despite them not being in the US.

I don't even remember the last time I heard someone gracefully concede to the winner, if at all. Maski politics, daya rin diba ?

I probably should've made it clear enough that I'm really not writing about the Bradley-Pacquiao fight despite my obviously misleading title (I just realize this now). This post is my opinion on how we, as a nation, generally react to defeat.

Aris said...

Yeah, that's true, madalas nga ang inappropriate calls for "luto" in our culture.