Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Poop Story Too

Just the other day, I was reading Mommy Fleur's account of how she helped her daughter poop. She did put in a disclaimer at the start of her post to warn those who might want to just skip it altogether. So with that, consider this fair warning too.... if you're squeamish about poop, please skip this post and move on to the next one.

Anyway, back to Mommy Fleur's account, I was not disgusted at all because I can totally relate on how bad she felt while watching her daughter go through the pain because I have this thing for poop. Specifically, my son's. I like it when my son poops.... no, correction, I LOVE it. Back when he was fully breastfed, he would average 2-3x a day and I would look forward to each one and would, sometimes, even poke around with the used wipes just so I could find out what's in it. Yeah, I'm weird that way.

Hubby found it gross at first (that I would poke around in Swe-cha's poop) and eventually, it just became normal. I always argued that knowing what was coming out is a good indication of his health. Is he constipated ? Is he eating enough veggies ? Fruits ? By now, I've observed his poop long enough to know how it looks like when he eats certain foods. I even know how his poop look like when he is congested.

Today, kawawa naman. I must not have paid enough attention recently because his daycare did warn me that he was constipated on Tuesday because he was crying while doing the deed. He pooped normally when he got home so I figured he was okay. He was also normal on Wednesday so I didn't bother with the prunes anymore.

As it turns out, I should've. Because today, we spent the better part of an hour hugging each other while he strained to get it out. I hugged him and held him and cheered him on. He strained so hard that his face turned red and was still red 20 minutes after he achieved success. Poor little guy.

Thankfully, he also seems to understand what it was I was trying to achieve w/ the prunes because, even though he did not like them, he ate them anyway.

I am hoping to see something good in his diapers later tonight.

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