Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another hole

While moving around some furniture in the bedroom, Hubby leans against the door to brace himself so he can push against the furniture with his legs instead of leaning forward against the furniture and pushing forward. Don't really know why he prefers this, our furniture isn't heavy and they're on those disks called "Moving Men" so they're easy to push anyway.

He forgot that the door that he is leaning against is missing a doorstop so this is what happens. Yes, he punched a 2 inch hole in the wall with the doorknob.

I didn't even bat an eyelash, these things happen. Also, we still have all these holes in the house from those leaks last year, not all of them have been repaired yet so what was one more ?

But I did take exception to hubby's reaction. Soon after he saw what he did, he was screaming at Swe-cha to behave - the little one was running all over the place as he usually does when he's upstairs.

I was downstairs prepping Swe-cha's milk so I rushed upstairs to find out what happened and saw this. I thought that this was the little guy's doing so I asked, "How did Swe-cha punch the hole ? He slammed the door ?" and hubby explained what happened.

So my next question was "so why are you screaming at our son when he wasn't the one who did this ? If anything, he should be screaming at you!" and he didn't answer. Thankfully, my son seems oblivious.

Now, he's out buying supplies to repair this hole. I asked him to bring the paint chips we saved from the ceiling too so he can get the color matched and we can paint the dining room ceiling already.

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