Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chiu Family Visit

We had the Chiu family come over for a visit this week and we had great fun! Swe-cha did not mind having them over at all (translation: hindi masungit), he was interacting and playing with the two achis.

We brought Kweh-Ahya and his family to Jersey Gardens for a day of shopping. We didn't really have anyplace else to bring them because Woodbury Commons is already part of their tour itinerary (bus tour) and the kids weren't interested in anything else other than shopping - their words, not mind.

Except for a minor mishap where Swe-cha threw up in the middle of the mall, he had the time of his life running ahead of us, playing with his new toy train on the floor and even pulling Kweh-Ape's hand so he'd get more of the bench/sofa's surface area for his trains. He said Hi to a few ladies too before peeking into their shopping bags to see what they bought. Yep, kinda nosy too.

Now, we're just tired. Swe-cha fell asleep at around 5p and we can't manage to wake him up (it's a little past 8 now).

Spending the past few weeks cleaning up, decluttering and trying to squeeze more space out of our < 1000 sq ft place and having a family of 4 stay over has fueled our desires to move out and get a bigger house. Condo living was good and the temecula synthetic turf on our balcony is okay but there are times when you just want a real house with real space and a real yard and a real driveway with Install it Direct pavers.

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