Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swe-Cha and his milky

Several bags of breast milk picked up by Dr R this afternoon *whew*, this gave us some wiggle room in our freezer - which, hopefully, should give us a few more days' storage. I bagged (into ZipLoc gallon bags) the loose milkbags that I've stashed all over our regular freezer because the deep freezer was already full and I've filled up two more gallon bags. Somehow, I'm thinking that we should've given Dr R more - hubby tried to foist two more gallon bags off her but she didn't bring enough coolers to transport the milk. I'm sure she regretted not having more cooler room too.

Anyhow, I'm tallying up my son's feeding record for yesterday and his results bother me a little. He seems to have lost his appetite these past few days and his milk intake is down to 20 oz / day. Considering that his daily average is usually in the 25oz level and that on good days (growth spurts, maybe ?) he's been known to take as much as 36 oz and he gets 20 oz on his bad days, these few days are on the low side.

It's so frustrating for me to have all this milk and yet, my son is seemingly on a diet. I'm not complaining about the abundance - because I do get to share this with friends and I love being able to do that - but I'd love it if my son would drink a bit more. Thankfully, even with his meager appetite (especially compared to a friend's baby who drinks an average of 40 oz / day when she was Swe-cha's age), he does not look malnourished and while he does not look obese or siksik, he does have the requesite infant chubbiness.

Anak, what does mommy have to do ?

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